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Location: Calvin Crest 
Oakhurst, Ca

Can I contact my child while he/she is at camp?

Contact information for the camp will be included in each of your parent info packs. The phone nubmer is for emergencies only. Calls, from home can tend to make younger kids homesick. Feel free to write your kids a letter or postcard - we do mail call every day. Just be sure to mail it a day before camp begins, to be sure it gets there on time! Or send it up with your adult sponsor.


Does my child need any additional money for camp?

All camp activites, meals and lodging are included in the price of camp, so students do not need to bring any additional money. However, the venue offers ammenities that students might wish to purchase (gift shop items, snacks, coffee bar). For Kids camp there is also a Missionary Offering that goes directly to the camp missonary speaker.

Who Will be Taking Care of my Kids?

Volunteer Adult Sponsors will be supervising your kids while they are at camp. These adults will be from the church your child is registered with, giving you the opportunity to form a relationship with them before camp. Also, the directing staff will be very involved with creating and running safe, fun activites for your kids. We love getting to know them personally while they are at camp.

What Will My Kids be Taught

The camp runs under the California Southern Baptist Convention, and our teachings follow a belief in the truth of the Bible as the inspired word of God.

See more details at the CSBC website.

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